Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Back Home

I just realized I never posted a picture of my puppet or the last Lost Boyz episode! Here it is even though it's late :)

Warning: language as always...

I had a WONDERFUL last 2 months!
I learned so so so so so so so so so so so so so so SO much!
The team at Blue Sky is super amazing and talented.
I can't even begin to tell ya how thankful I am for the experience.
lol, it was by far the most challenging and overwhelming thing I've ever done, but definitely the most rewarding.
I made so many friends and just had a wonderful time!
I really really can't wait to see the movie on the big screen!

Anyways, I spent one week in New York with my mom and dad before I came home.I absolutely love Broadway shows and we saw two amazing productions!
The first one we went to was a Broadway Play that won 4 Tony Awards and named August: Osage County.

It was incredibly well acted and so intense. I've honestly never ever seen such an intense play as this.... Oh, and the set was amazing! I found a picture of it online via good ole google images :)

We also visited the Natural History Museum where I was able to pay my last respects to Manny and Ellie....

I thought it was pretty interesting that most of the dinosaurs were dug up in Montana.. I didn't know that...

Oh, and we also sat in a box seat at Carnegie Hall which was super fun! It was such a great place to sketch... here are a few scribbles I did...

The second Broadway show we saw was the musical Billy Elliot, which had the most amazing dancing in it!!! (more pics found on google)

Oh, and on our last day we rented a car and drove up to Connecticut to see Mark Twain's house. It was super interesting! I guess back when he built it the average annual income of a working man was $300 and he spent $40,000 on this house!!!
(yet again more google pics)

This is the room where he wrote most of the books he's famous for like Huckleberry Finn.

Anyways, everything feels like such a whirlwind since graduation in January... I still can't believe all that has happened.
For now though I'm back home where I plan to continue animating and continue applying for summer internships and the sort :)


Dhar said...

Good to see that you're back home. That must have been an awesome experience working at Blue Sky. I can't wait to see how you implement that knowledge into your animations. Hope to see more of your work soon. Glad you're back :o)

MondayMorgue said...

Cooool puppet...very interesting NY pics as well!

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