Wednesday, January 02, 2008, it's been quite awhile... I'm a bad blogger. :(
I have recently had a New Year's Eve resolution suggested to me and I think that I will accept the Blog more this year! Yay
(since I have only posted 4 times since July of 06, I can't get any worse ;)

I can't believe that I haven't even posted any of my animation yet, so I think that it's only fitting that I start with that...

This is my progress reel from my first two terms here at Animation Mentor. I have had so much fun, I just love it! In fact I'm going crazy during this two week break and don't know what to do with myself...I miss AM so much!!! I can't wait until school starts again! (never thought I'd hear myself say that)
Anyways, last term I had Dimos Vrysellas as my mentor and he was amazing! I love the traditional workflow that he taught me to work just made so much sense to me! Oh, and Fredrik Nilsson was my first mentor and was amazing as well! I can't wait until I find out who I have for Intro to Acting!!! It seems so bizarre that I hardly knew anything about animation just a short 6 months ago...I came into AM with pretty much no previous experience and I have already learned so much it's crazy!
Man, I love that school!

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