Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Beginning of the Ice Age!!!

Alright...so I have to post about this on a side note...because it's just crazy!

I don't remember ever seeing this much snow ever! (well in town anyways)
We got 13" in one day! Wow! Plus, we're supposed to get 9-15" more by the end of the week! All the schools are having snow days...well, except for mine :O)
That's ok though because I love Animation Mentor!

My arms are so soar though...shoveling snow is consuming my life!

(maybe I'll have to take more pictures later this week...we have snow expected on every single day of the 7-day forecast!)


Heather said...

I know how that feels...burr. fortunately here in MN snow is pretty non existent. yet the cold is really cold; today it was -35 w/ wind chill.

Heather said...

Just got done reading your article in this months animation mentor news letter. I love the anecdote of you when you were younger with your movie parties, too fun :O). It seems you are learning a lot with body mechanics!

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