Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Disney is on a roll

I apologize about the lack of updates.
I wasn't sure if anybody reads this blog.. but I've received quite a few messages from readers! I will try to be better about posting, promise.
Thanks so much for continuing to stop by during my blogging hiatus. :)
(after this term at Animation Mentor is over I'll post my shots on Ice Age 3 and maybe some of my new school work)

Anyways, last night Disney aired the premiere of Prep and Landing on ABC. It was incredibly well done. Really really enjoyed it. I wish it was longer.. I want to see more! :)

Last week they also had a special on tv called "Dreams Come True." Here's the first part:

and to top it all off... The Princess and the Frog comes out this Friday! I absolutely can't wait. (I have to wait until Sunday though, because that's when I turn in my last assignment of the term at Animation Mentor ;)

I'm so glad Disney is on a roll. It's such an exciting time to be in animation!
I've always loved the magic of Disney! I grew up with all the classic Disney movies like most everybody.. and it is truly the reason I wanted to become an animator. All of this fantastic new material from the studio inspires me and takes me back to being a kid. It completely reminds me why I wanted to do this (not that I had forgotten.. it's just so refreshing and makes my passion to pursue this dream that much stronger)! Thank you Disney! :)
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them" -Walt Disney


@b said...

Thanks Teresa for the "Dreams Come True" ! Its indeed a celebration even to watch their legacy.


Slinky3d said...

Thanks teresa, it's realy interesting and me to I love all Disney movies. All times I listen disney movies and all others animation, I know I wana do this. :-) Thanks and continue to post. :-)

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