Saturday, August 29, 2009

Current Projects

So I'm super stoked! I think I already mentioned in my last post that I'm signed up to take an AM refresher course, starting Sept. 28th. However, I also have other plans to stay busy until I get another job..
I've been watching tutorials all day in order to learn Cinema 4D and help work on the pre-viz and then animation for The Ottoman!!!!
(I posted earlier about this project, but now I'm actually going to start working on it. yay!)
I'm so excited to be a part of this short film and help pitch in. The artwork that the guys have done so far is amazing and super inspiring!

Artwork by Vincent Morin

Artwork by David Ward

Artwork by Vincent Morin

I pulled this concept art from The Ottoman blog.. if you want to keep your eyes on the progress of this project you can follow the blog here
I personally cannot wait to see this short film to completion. It is going to be great! :)

In other news I've been fiddling around a little bit lately...
These are just bits and pieces from familiar songs I've picked up by ear, mostly Disney songs. Anyways, I just kinda mashed them together when I was playing around with my fiddle yesterday. I think there are about 15 or so different songs in there? I also tried to play it with the bow between my knees again, but it really doesn't sound too great... so I stuck it at the end.

-Kung Fu Panda, or supposed to be anyways.. I dunno I probably have it wrong , it was the most difficult to sound out.
-Star Wars
-When You Wish Upon A Star
-song from Shrek
-A Whole New World
-Cruella de Vil
-Mickey Mouse
-Tale As Old As Time
-Harry Potter
-You've Got A Friend In Me
-Woody's Roundup


Mike said...

Hurray! Thrilled to have you aboard, T!

Dhar said...

Way to go Teresa! I think this is a great opportunity to stay proactive on a worthwhile project. Nothing like continuing your animation journey with buddies and peers you knew from the past, but more significantly, a project with so much promise and high standard. I applaud you. ROCK ON :o)

saurabh said...

lovely.... your so talented.. enjoyed it.

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