Friday, February 06, 2009

Lost Boyz video about Blue Sky Temps :)

hehe.. so I thought I would post the new Treehouse video, because my family wanted to see it! (btw hi family and welcome to my little blog that probably not that many people read..anyways, I miss all of you :)

So here's their most recent post... and I'm also going to include their disclaimer ;)
"This industry survives on temps….and a lot of them. So here’s an insight on what it’s like to train them during “crunch”. Although this video makes them seem like a bother, the truth is that we couldn’t finish any films without them. So special thanks to all you temps out there!!"

Oh, and here is the link to their blog if you want to follow or look at the other videos..


Sasha said...

Oh my god! Too funny!!!!

Collin Shepherd said...

Haha! Alexiss looks so scared on her first day.

G1toons said...

holy crap i was dying laughing at this man this is serious ha ha

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