Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break Project

Well I'm officially a nerd...
Winter term ended Friday at noon and Spring term starts Monday, which equals 1 weekend for spring break... and I spend it animating :P
It's blizzarding outside anyways, so might as well :)

This still needs lots of revisions, but I made the whole thing on Saturday pretty much. I spent all day working on it Saturday (14 hrs) and then 1 hr today.
I could've saved myself a lot of time if I would've done thumbnail sketches first...bad me. I had it all really really clear in my head, except for the ending (which I animated 4 different ways!!!)
Anyways, it was just for a bit of practice and fun!
I textured Bishop on Friday (making him a robber) and I really wanted to animate him, so that's how it all got started.
Oh, and this is the first time I switched between FK and IK hands.
I definitely want to polish this one up :)


Alonso said...

looks good. I love the squint as he looks around, and the eye cross. 2 things I noticed, I would put more of a change in the hips to free the right foot to come in and then rebalance resettle in the hips. And the safe seems to be going straight up in Y, so it feels like it's on an invisible track instead of getting pulled up and into his body with his strength. Fun little project though.

Heather said...

Great Job! theres truly believable weight here. And I love the robber makeover,Nice touch. Sorry it is snowing where you are. unless you like the cold weather. :O)

Thiago Lima said...

Hey Teresa, nice piece of animation! I found your blog throughout the internet and decided to leave a post :)


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