Monday, March 29, 2010

New Demo Reel

I just updated my Demo Reel and Resume!
I also started my 3rd Animation Mentor Alumni Refresher course today,
so new work is on the way. Thanks for stopping by. :)
Check it out at


Colin Brown said...

reels looking good. another re-taken course! your crazyyyyy

G1toons said...

nice job on your reel, wow how many classes are you taking lol

Kyle Kenworthy said...

nice looking reel

JC said...

congrats on the BlueSky gig. continue your good work. and thanks for visiting. cheers,

teresa said...

Thanks guys!
lol, I'm not sure how many AM refresher classes I'm taking (maybe I'll go through the program twice). I just want to keep learning and getting mentor instruction during the down time that is job hunting.
Thanks again for all the encouraging words. I'll try to post my new shot soon. :)

S said...

That looks really awesome :) Great facial expressions. I hope it all worked out for you.

Junaid Walayat said...

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