Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My Website is UP! :)

Hey everyone,
Just thought I'd let you know that I created my first website today! yay!
I will still be blogging.. I just wanted a site to keep my demo reel, resume, and everything together on. :)
Anyways, you can find it at...

By the way I'm horrible with HTML and everything website related... huge thanks to the person who told me about! Free web hosting and step by step instructions!

Oh, and by the way... Animation Mentor has a new video up featuring my mom and pop! They interviewed them after my graduation and I was super excited to finally hear what they said while I wasn't around! I love them and feel so lucky to have such supportive parents! Thank you mucho!

The video is located here if you're interested!


Heather said...

Just finished watching the video!! wow your parents are so amazing and adorable Teresa :o)

Dhar said...

"Hi Dell, remember me? I met you at the Hash Bash. Good to see you again. You and Deralyn must be proud of Teresa, she is terrific!"

Disclaimer: Teresa had nothing to do with my statement, she did not threaten me or force me in any way to say that ;o)

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