Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Animation Mentor Graduation 2009 and more!

Wow... so I know it has been awhile... so this is going to be a big post!

It's entirely too late to be typing this but I can't sleep, lol... I'm too excited for sleep ;)

This last weekend was amazing (to say the least)!!! I honestly don't know where to begin... so I apologize if I jump around :)

How about starting out with my first ever animation demo reel...

Teresa Nord Character Animation Reel 2009 from Teresa Nord on Vimeo.
Since my last post I have been super duper busy finishing up my short film in class 6 and putting this reel together.

I honestly cannot believe how much I've learned in such a short amount of time. It truly has been an amazing 18 months and I wouldn't change it for the world. Thanks so much to all of my friends, family, mentors, and of course all of the staff at Animation Mentor.

So.. I flew down to San Francisco Friday morning with my parents and we just got back tonight. Friday was a long haul since we got up at 3:30am to catch the plane in time to make it to the Animation Mentor Job Fair by 1pm. The Job Fair was so amazing though! I had such a great time not only talking to recruiters but also seeing all of my friends again and just ... I don't even have words for it.. it was awesome! I'm so convinced animators are the most fun people to hang out with ever! :)

btw- I didn't take a whole lot of pictures myself.. but I love a bunch of the photos Alexiss Memmott took and I dare say she wouldn't mind me posting them :)

Ok, so moving along..... Saturday... Saturday was a HUGE day :)
I graduated from Animation Mentor at Fort Mason, oh and btw the weather was beautiful.... (70 degrees in San Francisco in January and crystal clear? honestly? who could ask for anything more? ;)

(I don't think I can possibly write this entire post tonight.. I'm finally tired...so I'll try to get back to this tomorrow and finish it the rest of the way)


Chaitanya Limaye said...

Congrats on the Graduation and your first Animation gig !!
Good luck :)
and yeah, Nice DemoReel !

Dhar said...

Congratulations Teresa! YOU DID IT! It isn't very often that I get to follow a person from their humble beginnings all the way to their 1st job animating on a major feature film. It has been really exciting following your progress and you have been nothing short of graceful, friendly and a sweetheart. I applaud you for your perseverance, and I applaud your parents for supporting you, I am sure they are extremely proud of you. All the best, you will be missed, I will try and distract with an email from time to time to see how you're holding up.

Heather said...

I am extremely happy for you! I knew you would get snatched up by a major studio! graduation must have be spectacular! We will all miss you around AM :(...miss seeing those fantastic projects progress. Like Dhar I will make sure to pop in on you from time to time...to hear all the amazing stories you are going to have :).

Woot woot all the way!

dapOOn said...

wow! awesome work there teresa! very inspiring! congrats on the graduation!

btw did the reel upload completely? cuz much to my dismay, it seemed to end abruptly! just greedy to see more more & more of those delicious animations, that's all!! :D

keep rocking!

sue said...

Hi,my name's sue, I am totally new here blogspot and AM as well. I was searching for other's blogs at AM and found here. :)
It feels too far from here to graduation to me,
btw I love your animation, that's just great.

teresa said...

Hey Sue,
Thanks for stopping by. :)
What class are you in?
Don't worry time really flies when you're having fun. Graduation will be here before you know it. Enjoy AM, it's such a great program! :)

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