Monday, September 29, 2008

Progress Reel old update

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This isn't anything new... but I guess I should post it on my blog.
It's my progress reel after I finished up class 4 Advanced Acting.
I was waiting to post it until I had polished it up some more, because I didn't finish my 2 character shot... but I don't think I'll get a free chance to polish it up for awhile so I might as well post what I've got.
(I do plan on going back to finish it up eventually :)
heheh when I put this reel together I was really wanting to see Kung Fu Panda again... hence the music ;)


Thiago Lima said...

Hi there!

Thank you, hehe and sorry about the language, by next year I´m up dating my blog and making it a website plus blog, sweet, and the main language will be english :) I am spending a while in Canada on next year.

I like your animation too, hope to see up dates on your short :)

Anonymous said...

Your reel is looking great so far. Ill be keeping a eye out for your stuff in class 6!

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