Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Huge Update

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Wow oh wow... so much has happened since I last posted.
I need to get a bunch out of my system so I can get some work done. :)
So here goes a gigantic post....

I'll start off with an update about school. I'm almost done with class 5, which is crazy! I can't believe it's going so fast! Anywho, I finished up my animatic and I'm just starting to block my short this week. I have Elliot Bour as my mentor and he's insanely awesome! If you want to read more about his awesomeness he has a sweet site at http://www.elliotbour.com/

hmm this is the first time I've blogged a video from flickr...so I'm not sure I can get photo's in this post too...so I will continue the update in another post :)


monday-morgue said...

Hey Teresa, thanks for stopping by, and good luck with your short!!!

BrandonBeckstead said...

Ha ha, looks like a really fun idea. Lots of good acting moments and thinking moments. Be sure to pay close attention to those juicy moments when you can see the wheels turning in their head. Milk that, and it will really sell this piece. Great job so far, looks fun, keep it up!

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