Thursday, June 05, 2008

I Can't Wait for the BBQ!

lol..I'm getting so excited for the AM BBQ in San Fran!
It's getting so close!!!!
Oh, and watching WALL-E opening night down the street from Pixar!
Holy cow, I can't wait!
Ok....gotta go finish animating my 2 character dialog...crunch time!


Dhar said...

I'll be looking for you Woot ;)

Are you also coming to the open house? And is your dad gonna be there too? It'd be so cool to see you guys again.

Jp3animation said...

I wish I was going to the BBQ again! I won't be able to make it:( But the good news is I am coming back next term! I hope all is well with you! See ya!


Heather said...

When is the BBQ and have you gone there before?
Heather Kilber :O)

Dhar said...

6-27 Open house from 3-5pm
6-28 4th Annual BBQ 11am-5pm

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