Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I got a Cintiq 12WX

Wooo, I'm so excited.
So...for my birthday I got some help buying a 12inch cintiq!
We bought it used off craigslist and it came in the mail last week! :)
It was quite a deal and only has a few minor scratches that don't bother me at all. Heck, I'm going from having no tablet at all to a cintiq! So I'm super hyper.
I've mostly just made a lot of doodles and erased them on it.
I really love drawing on it actually.
It so slick and smooth and I'm not afraid to have it turn out bad..because I can just delete it! (don't even have to waist paper)
Yep, I love it so far!
It's everything I thought it would be :)
I'm sure there will be much more to come on this...


cloud said...

Sempai, I am officially jealous. I'm still rockin' my Intuos.

(This is Charlie btw.)

So you know you have to start saving some of those sketches and posting them up. Or even trying your hand at some 2D animation using Pencil or something. ;)

Dhar said...

Congrats Woot. Now how about some 2D animation?

OK, how about just some sketches?

Rev said...

Hey Teresa! I was wondering about the AM program. I don't have any Animation experience. I was looking for some current students to talk about it with. Anyway, if you get a chance send me an e-mail? starrmi@gmail.com, I would love to talk further about it. I have like a billion questions.


Heather said...

WOW! I wish I owned one... Envious :O)

Heather said...

Hey Teresa, long time no hear from you. AM must be keeping you busy. :O) I do start this summer term. I can't wait to see you there... I'm bursting with excitement for AM. I only have to wait another week or so to get signed in. Then on June 30th..... ah I can't even say it!!! Go AM!!
Talk to you soon,
Heather Kilber*

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